Why Should You Have Your Car Serviced at a Dealership? | Brownsville, TX

Why Should You Have Your Car Serviced at a Dealership?

There are many advantages to bringing your car to a dealership for servicing. Although independent garages can cost less, a dealership like Genesis of Brownsville offers the latest diagnostic equipment, quality parts and lots of experience.

Latest Technology

If you have a newer model car, such as a 2019 Genesis G70, a dealership is going to cover all of the latest updates for a highly technical car. At Genesis of Brownsville, you have access to service personnel who have up-to-date training and diagnostic equipment, and they can get replacement parts directly from the manufacturer. An independent garage can't offer that.

Speedy Service

If you need your Genesis G90 serviced right away, our dealership is ideal choice because independent garages simply can't employ as many mechanics as a dealership can. Genesis of Brownsville is part of the Tipton Auto Group with nearly a century of automotive service experience. Our highly trained service department can get you in and out with appointments available Monday through Saturday.

Protect Your Warranty

If your car is new or under warranty, a dealership is the only way to go. Dealership service personnel follow manufacturer guidelines to service and repair cars. If the warranty is in effect, the work will often be done at no cost to the owner. Garage mechanics can be very creative in some situations, but that repair might not be in your best interests when considering future work that could be covered by a warranty. You could find yourself with a voided warranty and a vehicle that still has problems.

The Bottom Line

Yes, taking your car to an independent mechanic is often cheaper than going to a dealership, but you get what you pay for. These small garages have a hard time affording the latest diagnostic equipment and can't employ as many technicians and support staff as a dealership. At Genesis of Brownsville, you can trust our service department to do it right and stand by our work.

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