The Importance of Tire Care | Brownsville, TX

The tires of your car are, quite literally, where the rubber meets the road. And having those connections to the road proper maintained can save money and lives. Here are useful tips for tire upkeep that will have your ride cruising the roads of Texas for years to come.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Americans are driving more than ever, and studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that around 11,000 of car crashes each year can be traced back to poorly maintained tires. Not only can you save around 12 cents per gallon if you take good care of your tires, but the NHTSA estimates that around 200 people a year die in those tire-related wrecks. A few simple changes to your tire care habits could save your life.


When it comes to tire damage, inflation mistakes are often the culprit. Under-inflation can cause wear to build up more quickly, while over-inflation can cause blowouts. It only takes around five minutes per month to monitor tire pressure. Many new cars even have tire pressure monitors in their driver information panels, making it easier than ever to know their current condition. Inflating your tires to their proper amount also saves you money at the pump, and MPG on your trips. In addition, regular tire rotation ensures that your tires wear evenly when you drive, and realignment also helps to eliminate uneven wear.

Be sure to monitor the condition of your tires, visually checking them for cracks in the walls or wear in the treads. You can also use a penny to check the tread by inserting it between the treads head-first. If Lincoln's hair shows, it's time to get new tires.

It's the Law

Here in Texas, proper tire maintenance isn't just a good idea: It's the law. Yearly inspections of their tread and structural health helps to prevent hydroplaning and blowouts. If you fail to keep your tires at their peak, you risk not being able to use your vehicle due to failed government inspections.

If you abide by the facts and personal responsibility, your tires can last a good long time. Be sure to visit Genesis of Brownsville for answers to all of your tire maintenance needs.


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