Leasing Options for Your New Genesis | Brownsville, TX

If you're looking for the experience of driving a luxury vehicle without having to pay the full price to own one, leasing is a great option to consider. Read on to find out how you can lease your own Genesis from Genesis of Brownsville without breaking the bank.

How Leasing Works

Leasing is different from buying. Essentially, you are negotiating an agreement with the dealership to borrow the vehicle for an agreed-upon amount of time, usually about three years. The contract will outline any restrictions, such as mileage limitations and potential fees that may be waived if you keep the vehicle in good condition.

The Benefits of Leasing

The biggest benefit to leasing is having much lower monthly payments than you would if you'd bought your vehicle. Rather than paying for the total cost of the vehicle, you only have to cover the amount the vehicle is expected to depreciate (lose value) over the lease term. For example, if the vehicle is only expected to lose $7,000, your down payment and monthly payments will go toward covering that $7,000 instead of the whole MSRP.

From Leasing to Buying

Some drivers get to the end of a lease and decide they want to keep their vehicle. Many dealerships offer the option for lessees to buy the car by paying off the rest of its residual value, which is the amount of the full price left over at the end of the lease term. In that case, the lease is beneficial because it provided a three-year trial of the car to decide if that's the model you wanted to drive long-term. Or, you can change what car you drive every three years and lease the latest model when it's released.

By signing a lease with Genesis of Brownsville, your dream of driving a luxury vehicle can become a reality. Visit us today for more information, and to explore leasing options for our lineup of luxury Genesis vehicles.


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