Evolution of the Genesis G70 | Brownsville, TX

Evolution of the Genesis G70 | Brownsville, TX

The Genesis G70 may be the latest addition to the Genesis lineup, but it has already left quite an impact on the automotive industry. Since its relatively recent debut in 2017, this luxurious sedan has undergone quite a few changes, with new and exciting updates on the horizon.

Development of the Genesis G70

Prior to the introduction of the G70, Genesis had two primary models in its lineup: the G80 and G90. With the brand having recently spun off from Hyundai, Genesis was looking to expand its lineup with a more affordable luxury model. To get the look and feel for its new vehicle right, Genesis turned to auto designer Peter Schreyer, whose previous work included the Kia Stinger. The G70 borrowed design cues from its larger, more expensive counterparts, while keeping a more subdued and unique profile.

Changes to the Genesis G70

While the modern G70 model is very much like the one that debuted three years ago, it has still undergone a handful of changes over the course of its model lifetime. For the 2020 model year, the mid-range Sport model was given an improved brake setup to help with performance. The G70 Sport also comes included with 19-inch wheels and all-season tires. The 3.3T Prestige package added a power-operated trunk lid for more ease of access.

Future of the Genesis G70

Despite its relatively short time on the automotive scene, big changes are coming in just a few short years for the Genesis G70. The model is set to undergo a rather extensive exterior redesign for the 2022 model year. This facelift will help it better match the other vehicles in the Genesis lineup, which have undergone their own design changes in the past few years.

The Genesis G70 has proven its place in the Genesis model lineup, and will undoubtedly remain a part of the brand’s family for many years to come. To learn more about the G70 or to drive it for yourself, contact our staff at Genesis of Brownsville today.